Tenant information

What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

  1. To pay rent on or before the first of each month.
  2. To maintain the interior and exterior of unit, this includes yard care
  3. To replace/repair any damages within 30 days
  4. To keep the office informed of any/or all changes to your tenancy. Very Important.
  5. To provide your current phone number for emergency purposes.  

What is total household income?

Income earned by each member of the household, excluding children
All income must be reported to Tenant Relations Officer (TRO). Tenant Information in Lethbridge Procedures in Lethbridge Tenant Information in Calgary

What is Income Verification?

  1. A written proof of your source of income.
  2. Information will state the gross pay, pay period and rate of pay.
  3. Failure to provide your income verification can result in your rent being assessed at full Market Rent.  

What do I need to know if I am on social assistance?

  1. A rent report must be obtained from social services for your TRO to fill out.
  2. The shelter rates of social services are used in determining your rent. 
  3. You must provide a letter from social services if you are no longer receiving assistance and that your file has been closed.  


What is the Anniversary Home Visit?

  1. The annual visit is conducted by your TRO a month prior to the date you moved in to renew your tenancy and to check the condition of the unit and yard.
  2. A written notice with the schedule of the visit is sent to you by your TRO. 
  3. The visit includes a review of your tenancy; check the up keep of the unit; sign new agreement.
  4. This type of visit is mandatory.  

What procedures do I take if I am planning to move out?

  1. You are required to submit a 30 day written notice to vacate to your TRO.
  2. Notice must be submitted on or before the first of the month.
  3. Leave the unit in the same condition as when you moved in.
  4. A move out package will be mailed to you.
  5. Schedule a move out inspection with the Maintenance Department.  

What are the maintenance procedures?

  1. Call the office and the Administrative Assistance will fill out a work order.
  2. The work order is forwarded to the Maintenance Department to be reviewed by the Maintenance Supervisor, who determines if the repair is the responsibility of Treaty7 Housing or the tenant. 
  3. Maintenance or vendor will contact you concerning your request. If the repair is the responsibility of the tenant then you are required to address the repair immediately.  

What is the Annual Maintenance Inspection?

  1. The Maintenance Supervisor inspects each unit annually to determine the condition and to budget accordingly for maintenance.
  2. A written notice is sent to you with the schedule of the inspection. · 
  3. The inspection can be done without anyone at home.
  4. The Annual Inspection Report is the tool used for documenting the wear and tear items, damages and overall condition of the unit 


Maintenance Repairs are prioritized in the following order:

  1. Health and Safety Items (furnace, hot water tank, electrical problems, sewer backups)
  2. Preventative Maintenance Repairs (dripping taps, running toilets, water leaks, appliance repairs)
  3. Cosmetic Repairs (minor repairs that do not interfere with daily living).