We are now taking applications

We are now taking applications

We are now taking applicationsWe are now taking applicationsWe are now taking applications


Treaty 7 Urban Indian Housing is a Native operated not-for-profit organization which provides subsidized rental units for low to moderate income native families seeking accommodations in the urban areas.

Developments consist of self-contained units ranging in size from two to four bedroom units. Accommodations are available in Lethbridge, Cardston, and Calgary and in various styles such as townhouses, duplexes, and single family dwellings. Applicants are approved for a specific size of unit based on the family composition of the household.




Rent is based on total household income (ie. each member of the household that receives an income). Generally rent is calculated at approximately 25% of the family's gross (before deductions) income. For those receiving Social Assistance, rent is based according to the shelter rate allowed for the size of the family. 

Verification of total household income must be submitted. To provide Income Verification please submit a copy of any document that proves what the income is, such as:  notice of assessment, pay stubs, a copy of budget information, or a letter from the source of income.  If income changes throughout the year, verification may be required more often.  Utilities and Gas are not included in rent, and are the tenants responsibility



Treaty 7 Urban Indian Housing Authority based on CMHC subsidy provides repair and maintenance to the 165 rental units located in Lethbridge, Calgary and Cardston. The repairs  and maintenance department is governed by CMHC and is administered based on budget constraints and yearly budget submission requirements to CMHC.

The Repairs and Maintenance Department delivers the following duties on a daily basis under the guidance of the Repairs and Maintenance Supervisor.

  • All inspections - including move in, move out, annual and 24 hour inspections and tenant damages
  • Repairs based on tenant maintenance requests, emergency calls
  • Provides information to tenants on Preventive Maintenance

Tenant Relations


All tenants will be assigned to a Tenant Relations Officer (TRO).  The Tenant Relations Officer provides the following.

  • Orientation - Reviews the Policies and Procedures of the Treaty 7 Urban Indian Housing Authority prior to moving in, including the following: Tenant Agreement, Rules and Regulations and Policies  .
  • Health and Safety
  • City Bylaws
  • Rent Calculations based on Income Verification